My C.P.R.

My CPR was being a Coach, Politician,and Rotarian. It was my lifesaver during my mid-life crisis. One that many of us go through no matter your age. Such as a marriage,divorce,job loss etc. etc. I had found SUCCESS , and wanted more. Which turned into a path of destruction, exactly the path I was on Alcoholism. I am sure millions could right a very similar story. Mine may sound a little crazy like a children’s movie, but two that family have watched. The Wizard of Oz,and The Lion King. Now for those that may be hurting here is my advice. Forgive yourself and others, then begin to believe if you want to achieve, don’t sit and grieve, if you want to receive, don’t deceive. Be humble and kind and you will be fine. No matter how little or how much one may have. Never give up, never quit -BELIEVE. Follow a path here is mine and never knew it until I retired. I leave one State and start over and once again I find personal success without this kind of SU$$ESS. for I have coached Lions and Tigers in my 15 years. Then return back to the state I was born. To a town of little munchkins that will be Bears Oh My !!!. For I am A Lion King and have the scars to prove it. Want more I did not grow up here, but I was carried in the womb my Circle of Life. I was shown the Path and Persevered you can too.