America under Seiged

The Good Don Bad Don

We have been sabotaged before we even drank the kool-aid. By the Politicians, Social Media, and Technology. We are not seeing or thinking of what has happened over time. We are hearing and seeing what the powers to be want. Brainwashing us and dividing us. Technology and news dividing us. There has never been so much hate and evil on one side, and love and peace on the other. While the powers to be thought out of the box, the rest of us are getting winded-up like a Jack-in-a-box. While everyone is thinking about a revolution to kick some butt. There is a third party just waiting and laughing. A New World Order just laughing at us.Remember every heart beats true for the red, white, and blue and forever in peace may it wave. We are all a gift one that need not be opened, just our eyes. For our…

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