Life Comes full Circle

Here is the Twister and E-book that will explain my story. No paperback, editor, or publisher. No I’m not a wizard but would love to write. Truth is I have coached Lions and Tigers in PA. and now reside in Bear territory. Oh My !! and have talked to some High School athletes ,and helped a few little Munchkins out. No, I don’t wear ruby slippers, but I’ve been given three chances. Three times is a Charm in relationships yet 3 times to live and not die. Maybe I am a Living Angel? or should I move on? If I move on it won’t be alone.Now to explain how ones life came full circle. Many know me from my home town as a child. My third charm from a different town with our parents being friends before she was born and I grew up with her brothers.When we connected and now live together its the town in the middle where we were not raised. Here is the twister, there is no place like home. Mom carried me in her womb here. See Life can come full circle. If you have seen the movie Paterson with Adam Driver. I just put two and two together the story not in the book. Her Dad my Dad were bus drivers for Public Service,and yes I have been back to the Great Falls of Paterson with my Love. Now if you know the movie you know me. For I wrote poetry for twenty years and drank a lot for the same time period. In ending I found personal success not wealth. By learning to forgive and beginning to believe that life has meaning if you want to achieve. Never deceive if you expect to receive. This story is mine but the Game Changers in many of our live’s. I returned as a Lion King my Circle of Life.