Directions the Game Changers

While traveling through life there are many directions to choose. North,South,East,and West. Many signals along the way,like stop and go even yield. Today it’s a left or right to the Highway of Hell even with an E-Z pass. Now in Football its about making first downs, four chances to go 10 yards to keep going forward. With time running out it sometimes comes down to a Hail Mary. A game of inches but 100 yards, 300 ft and more physical. Where Baseball is 360 ft kind of like the Circle of Life. Only shaped like a diamond there are three bases to cover, first, second and third all ninety ft apart. Ninety more feet and were home and sometimes a little sacrifice will see you there. Hopefully with a lot of hard work, you can knock it out of the Park or complete the Hail Mary for Victory. I’ve reached my destination but the journey has not, I hope everyone reaches theirs. Finally if you find a diamond in the rough make it shine, put a sparkle in their eye for the love of life on or off the field. For the Gates will open but the admission is not Free.