Game Changer

I’m tired of the same old story and I love team sports. Especially baseball and football, baseball being played just about everyday during the season.While football is played once a week, until they get a bye week. We all can use a bye week for there is a new game out there, that is not very professional. Both have a starting lineup and play offense and defense. One side trying to defend us, while the other is a deep threat. Penalties after penalties, yellow flags followed by red flags. Just as our quarterback and offense is ready to score the line judges move the yard sticks and the goal posts back. I am looking forward to the Super Bowl in 2020. Can you guess what the new sport is ? You can pass it along to another player if they have good pair of hands. Just don’t send it to a bunch of fumbling idiots. Well maybe I’m just mumbling along but we will see in the 2020 draft. For admission to our stadium is free, for we still pay to see real sports teams for nothing is free. Go Trump, I think this will be intercepted if not it’s a score with a Hail Mary.