It’s a Wonderful Life

Have I grown up or still a kid at heart? Do you ever see yourself in movies and the character that you might be playing? something to think about. I know it’s more than one roll. Because in real life at one time or another you have played more than one roll,and you were not acting. So could you have been Rocky at one time or Jimmy Stewart in it’s a wonderful life. For the ladies Sandra Bullock or Julie Roberts.Now I am no Wizard but coached Lion’s, Tiger’s and live in Bear territory their mascot oh my!! So as you see it’s real life for me. Further more maybe I’m Buzz Light Year to the rescue.Sure almost 15 years in the toy world sometimes feeling like Santa Claus, today I would just have to get into dress code. Lastly believe I am the Lion King and probably one of the few that can say my life has come full circle. Without going into detail, all I can say is you have to forgive begin to believe and start to achieve. So never deceive if you expect to receive. Follow a path paved or patched and your life may come full circle. Something to think about now, so may God Bless those that are reading this. For change is Good, you don’t have to get into to costume because you are living it.