For Eyes are Blind One Pair Watching

There is a Cancer among us, like no other sickness or disease seen before us it’s called Socialism. All because one side can’t take it’s medicine or a shot in the arm. That Vaccine is called Trump, and he has proven that his medicine works. For now we are a stronger nation.Yet their are those that continue to spit it out, and kick and scream. Which weaken us, and divide us. Remember a spoonful of sugar will help the medicine go down. Written in the most delightful way,let us pray.For we are one nation under god, and it has been said. That one day our own worse enemies would be found inside our own borders. In our higher places of education,and our own White House. For He has Risen have we ? It’s Time to make amends,our own reparation’s for we are not all slaves or slave owners. Get with the present not the past we are all a gift of god A-men.