Team Don

The Good Don- Bad Don the Coach, Politician, and Rotarian. I was never the English Major, Editor, or Publisher, but I got it done self- published, and a lesson learned. It was something I wanted to leave for my family, kids, and grandkids for when I pass on. What I learned was I would have had a great book if done Professionally. Then I realized what I had been through and so many others have also. Winning and Losing in sports, marriage, and work even alcohol addiction. You name it we all have gone through something. We just have to learn to bounce back and be a stronger person. Once you have learned that you made a difference, and inspired others your life becomes a success. Sure you’ve hurt people along the way, but have helped many also. So forgive, believe if you expect to receive never deceive if you want to Achieve. There is a path some find it earlier some later as in my case. My lesson learned is my Title should have been My Story Your Flashbacks. Curveballs and lefts and rights added up I just need to hit one out of the Park. So never quit, never give up, Learn to serve I do hate tennis but I can Volley with the best of them be a Sport. Coach, Volunteer be a mentor that is where you will find Lion pride and Success.