GPS is not the answer, but it may get you to your destination faster. The Question is what will you miss on the way? There could be an accident, construction, It may even be a Holiday weekend. Most importantly in your Travels and Life, there will be detours and roadblocks on the way. We have all paid the toll one time or another. Some never made it to their destination because it was their time, without ever turning the key to the ignition to move forward. You know the saying only the good die young. Well, Life is short no matter your age. So maybe you have done no good, and you feel like you are living in hell. Well, some have taken the high road, while others have taken the low road. That destination is your choice don’t sit on the median. Call Triple -A or go to AA, turn the key move forward. Turn left turn right there will be ups and downs, enjoy your journey you will reach your destination with time to spare. You and you alone hold the key to ignite the spark to get the wheels turning. Left or Right.