My Journey

Yes, door’s open an close and God is my Locksmith. You have to realize somewhere in time he has handed you the Key. He sets you on a path, and sooner or later you will see the light before there is darkness. My choices were good in the beginning, then turned bad at mid-life. I almost turned out the light and was forgiven. I re-discovered my destination by performing service in a different state, and this was my reward and passion. When I retired I came back home to the beginning. Mom is still here, and I found a new love at 62 all things are possible with belief. Now at 65 how long do I have ?. My mind and spirit are still young at heart, yet my legs are slower. It’s time to start a new journey most likely where I rediscovered my destination so I can cheer all others forward. When my time comes my ashes will be spread where my fields of glory occurred in two states. I have lived the Dream so except the good and bad it’s a part of our journey. The Truth Shall set you free