Roe vs Wade 1974

So sorry, I am Pro-Life, not Pro-Choice it takes two. Now I agree with, a life or death situation to mother or child a decision needs to be made. The other situation would be due to rape or incest. So ask yourself why when it takes two and except the financial responsibility that comes with it. So others do not have to pay for it. One would be your families the other being the taxpayer. Since 1977, 8 killed,17 attempted murders. Forty-two bombings, and 186 arsons. Then in Florida as recent as 2012, five were attacked. We may now see a repeat.

Now as a country we have no borders, soon we will need more security at clinics and hospitals. When we should be more worried about our borders as a nation. Lastly as far as borders are concerned as an individual keep your legs closed and zippers shut. If you don’t like my little rant, and I rained on your parade. Wear a raincoat or go take a pill and chill.