Hope or Hopeless

If your eye’s are closed, I hope you’re dreaming or praying. For eye’s are blind and only one pair watching,along with big brother. If you can define middle class you are lying. Because I know it’s a dam struggle. Forty Five Million people are struggling , the population is Three Hundred twenty five million. Sure illegal immigration isn’t going to help either.Sure we can build walls, but can you build one around your home. I’m going to cut this story short,but I am sure as hell going to protect myself by any means. I’m Tired of Trolls, name calling,Etc Etc. Remember as a child growing up you were told someday ,there would be nothing but the rich and poor. Well that time is here people. Life,Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness tell me about in twenty years. That’s if I live another twenty years. I achieved it at one time,the question is Will our kids and grand-babies? Someones keeping a TAB. Take America Back