A New Year a New Day

Three Hundred and sixty-three more days and 2020 will be here. No, I’m not drunk, I’m retired. But I can bet some went to work hungover. Christmas and New Years is over, it’s time to move forward. There will be good days and bad days for all. It depends on how you measure time, and how long you keep your head held high. Because everything does end in time and days. Take a look at a Tombstone. So if your feeling a little down and out remember each day is a Gift. It’s a shame we count time in years when maybe we should be counting days over years because the years make me feel old. Now If you can hear is how you can measure years and days. Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries even a death. It’s sad and happy but yet a celebration of good times and bad. In ending maybe I can open some eyes and lift some heads. In 23,875 days I know there was more good than bad, and hope that 23,876 comes tomorrow, something to look forward to. I wish Peace, Joy, and Happiness for all in their days to come.