Christmas Pasts, Present, And Future

Those Christmases past of Flexible Flyers  and Saucers to go sledding the stores sold as many of them as did the Christmas Tree Farms selling trees. A day when you could sled on just about every hill in a neighborhood without a parent having to worry. When your Neighbors watched over you too. That was Christmas Past.                     

It’s Suppose to be the most Wonderful Time of the Year. A Time of Giving, a time to teach our children well, a time to start Tradition.Which we were given as young children,To know that it was the thought behind the gift not the cost.Because money can’t buy you love. When you realize the value of something homemade in olden days,and not the toy you were hoping Santa would bring. The Knitted Cap, Mittens,and Scarfs just remember they kept you warm. They came from a warm heart and made with love.From your mom, grandmother,or teenage daughter.Those days are disappearing quickly.

Now for the Present, Artificial Trees, Artificial intelligence,and Artificial people. Is Siri , Alexa ,or Al a person. They listen on command and you can hold a better conversation than some of the living. Plus I think they can call in a fast food delivery if not its coming soon. The Future we can only predict,and I believe its going to bring back the Past. The last option I see is flying automobiles and the Electric car by Tesla hopefully a so-called Sin-Bin is developed for those that don’t know its a van from the sixties. For some, if affordable may be cheaper than a mortgage. It would come with heat and charging ports. T.v. would come from the Internet. Basically, you can do everything from a vehicle today except shower. So a Body wash may be in order like a car wash.    Just develop a human port and at the end maybe I’m one giant bag of hot air. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Christmas Tree or Holiday Tree. Candy Canes or no Candy Canes. Crazy Times don’t make the future Brighter. For Eyes are Blind and One Pair Watching. Hang that Star or Angel On top of that Christmas tree don’t let anyone steal your Christmas Tradition. Just Remember you are the Gift from God. So Merry Christmas and Ho,Ho, Ho.