I may be Early, but remember tomorrow is never promised. So I wanted to review how fortunate I was in 2018 for 2019 is just around the corner. In early 2018, I became a self-published author which started 3 years ago an autobiography something to pass on to my family. When I realized that the circumstances of my past, happen to others also. The ups and downs, winning and losing. So with no great experience or cost I took a loss, but I got it done. I did pay for two professional reviews. One stating a great book if edited and published by professional. The other a female would not recommend because it was not professionally done. So in 2019 lets hope I learned a lesson, Two more books are planned. Second in sports girls Little League softball runner up in the USA, brought back memories of coaching boys little league in same town only 20 years ago they are tigers. Then high school football becoming runner ups in the state this year only a different town where I coached jr. lions. Lions and Tigers and now retired in Bear Town OH My. Lastly three more Grand Children were born in last quarter all boys touchdown lol. Then yesterday a three year anniversary with the women I love and a trip back to the Ville for a Christmas visit where I had lived and coached for many a year. So yes I am blessed when you get to be my age, and my life has come full circle make no mistake. My message is I may be the lucky one, but at 65 you have to start a new journey. At my age I don’t get knocked down I fall down and its happened twice. So just to let you know sometimes you have to do it alone..Eyes may be blind but only one pair watching over you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I just need a Giant Candy Cane to be a little more mobile. HO HO HO.


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