Game Changer’s

They Happen in Sports and they Happen in Life.So I’m going to Pitch you a Little Scenario. I never got to bat Clean-up, as a pitcher I was usually called upon to Sacrifice, lay down the bunt and advance the runners for the next hitter.I didn’t mind as long as We Won. So I found my passion and became successful as a pitcher,and hitter when I laid down 6 consecutive bunt’s for base hits with no fielders choice I wind- up batting 3.33 it takes Teamwork.

Now in Family and Work it still takes Teamwork. This is not a game,this is your relationships, and career. Your going to be called upon many times to Sacrifice. So be honest and lay it all on the line, and hope it stays fair. It will form a bond and a Team of Winners. For three strikes your out and sometimes Careers and Relationships don’t last a Lifetime. So when you get called upon to step up to the Plate be prepared. Even if you have to Pitch on Stage. It can be a Game Changer for you and others. Be a Crowd pleasure, and knock one out of the Park. Don’t become a Bobble Head, sitting on the Shelf or Bench. Find your Passion and you will find Success.