Happy Thanksgiving All

It has been a very interesting year for sure. At age 65 still learning and moving forward it may be my last blog or post till the New year begins. Life is not perfect, and we need to learn how to handle criticism. The Good Don Bad Don was a Story to pass on to my children in a notebook of loose sleeve paper. Then I realized it may help others an I added Life Lessons to it. So I decided to try the self-publishing route. I have nothing good to say about it, except I will try again from the criticism and lessons learned. Paying for the reviews and learning the book was good except I had no editor or publisher, and told it could be a great book. So a rewrite is being done with a lot of changes this time and I will attempt self -publishing one more time. This time it will be called Game Changers In Life and Sports. To end I give thanks to all for listening and reading. For in the last two months I have been blessed with let’s say with 3 more Grandkids bringing the total to eleven. So Christmas shopping and writing is the only thing on my mind at this time. I must stay focused for now, so is it really cheaper by the dozen lol maybe I should try short stories a dozen of them. Eyes Bind One Pair Watching on the back burner.Bless you all  and Happy Thanksgiving again.