Well, Well, Well

Two more years of hell. Be prepared Government money is going to be spent on wishful thinking to Impeach. Socialism is winning, time to bend over and get taxed. No one looks at the past, just tomorrow, not the future. Well here’s the future no middle-class plain and simple. I don’t believe, I drank the kool-aid, I wouldn’t drink the water anyway. I may get brain freeze, but that was after the election enjoying my comfort food. Our Heritage is destroyed, and before the Mutiny begins. Maybe we need to build more ships and go back to where we came from. Thirty years from now white and black become the minority. So, think of your children and Grandchildren, and their future. I’m sorry if it hurts your feeling, but your only taking it a day at a time. For anyone over 55 says screw it I won’t be alive. I’m 65 and I am embarrassed if you call yourself a patriot, your nothing but two-faced liars. Veterans have more heart and soul then you will ever have. God Bless America. I know a lot of great young people, and you need to stand now for them. Before this great economy is destroyed again. Yes again if you remember kool-aid drinkers, alcoholics, and addicts. Yet maybe again crime does pay.

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