It’s Trick Or Treat Time here, did your pumpkin survive mischief night? did your Car windows get soaped up, your house egged? Well over the years we all survived. Maybe we should have been asking for tricks instead of treats back then. However, I remember my first time dressing up for this spooky event at age 5 and my last at age 12. At five it was the kindergarten parade everyone in costume. My friend dressed as Tony The Tiger, I thought that was Grrreeaat.if you know what I mean. I was Popeye the sailor man TootToot, But I hated me spinach back then. Some of you may be too young to remember those characters. My last Holloween as a kid I was a mummy, it was a treat.I went trick or treating with four girls haha, Adolescence. I was truly a Glorified Mummy, I just wished they had unwrapped me like candy lol. Now as an adult we have no teeth and diabetes. So the trick is to be a  Doctor or Dentist even a nurse. We will see a few in costume tonight, I’m sure hoping they will be smart enough to ask for a trick instead of a treat or they will be treating themselves down the road. Maybe everyone should be giving out apples, they say it keeps the doctor away. In ending I hope at the end of the night that there are some treats left I love my chocolate and to sugar coat things. Has anyone dressed a shrink? I think they’re coming to take me away haha. So what are you Brewing tonight?

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