Reading Writing and Arithmetic My Lesson to You

The three R’s, While your reading, I’m still writing. So let’s do the Math. We have addition, subtraction, multiplication, and Division. All about numbers right? Just Elementary Right? Then we move on to Fractions, Geometry, and Trigonometry. We all don’t have to be Rocket Scientists or a Genesis. If you are good for you I Am proud of you. We all thought that we had the Answers growing up, and we still don’t. Especially Divison when it comes to Politics. My Lesson my three R’s, Knowing when your Right, Wrong, and it takes Organization. -DIVISION- Yes a Fan Not A Fan? It’s about Winning and Losing, it is a Fact. Baseball, Football, Basketball, etc.etc. DIVISIONS east, west, north, and south even cental. We all have our favorite teams and player’s right? Now when we lose we look forward to next season.No matter the money lost or won by betting, we move on. Why not Politics? Move on to the next election. The Red Sox won last night, they will celebrate for next few days. Then we move on to rebuilding the next season in any sport. Not in Politics, it’s everyday B/S. Some players have a no-trade clause. I’m sorry upsets happen in sport’s and politics move on. It’s all about Revenue. On and off the field of play just don’t grab a bat if you placed a bet, and lost. But we all can buy a team jersey win or lose, and can’t wear MEGA hat things just don’t add up with the division, the problem just multiplies. Can you find me PI?