How to Survive Chaos

The choices we make can create chaos. We all don’t have to be Super Heroes, but we can be to someone, As long as we are the participants. There is a higher being that decides our path. Many don’t know it. Some chose the wrong path and are forgiven. He can put you on a path its called life’s journey. It depends on our Heart, Strength, Courage, and Faith. So use your brain there is no looking back only forward. But if you can sit back and think back of the past and present. Then and Only then you will realize where you’re at in your journey, and why you survived till this point. Especially if you were ever facing death. So continue your dreams, learn to forgive, begin to believe,  then you will achieve. Never deceive if you expect to receive. Maybe a trip to the mountaintop will help. For we all walk through the valley of death and should fear no evil. Yes, we all could wear and S under our shirt, we just can’t find a phone booth today. Your success is not about money, as long as you can go out there and make a difference, and be an inspiration. So touch as many hearts as you can in a lifetime and you will find, that you were a success. For this is my story no cape no S if I take off my clothes you will see scars  and wounds, but I persevered, and so can you.

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