Division, it’s not a Pennant Race

It’s midterms at college and the voting booth. Sure I’ve been a Coach and a politician. It takes good parenting, teacher’s and leaders to follow. On and off the field of play a team or job. Life will always be a choice of being happy or unhappy. Losing and winning will do that to people. Both football and baseball I’ve coached and seen teams that didn’t win a game. Then two and three years later win the league and a Super Bowl. They became stronger, not weaker because of teamwork, parenting, learning from a teammate that may be the leader, and their coaches. So what are your qualifications? Can you mentor, can you lead are you a good parent? Sometimes the silverware needs to be washed or at least given a chance to shine. Every employee and every athlete I had to manage I have seen them shine on or off the field. Some have even past. It doesn’t make me happy and some by choice. Maybe its true only the good die young. Well here is a problem I discovered. It’s division again amongst the age group of young people. Ages 16-24 a close race. Maybe even a tie. So tighten up your bootstraps. This is not broken down by Color, or Education. In 2017 are you ready 51% are working some type of Job, 49% are not? Plain and simple people we have a problem you have to start somewhere and any of the above that I have mentioned may be the problem, only 2% are born with a silver spoon. Get a job even if its a dishwasher start being a winner. College or no college you can be a winner and a provider in the future


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