Trick or Treat

Halloween is amongst us and approaching soon. It’s Magic you know, never believe it’s not so. When Marvel Comic characters become real life for children for one night. Where Evil and Superhero’s come knocking for treats. As far as tricks that’s up to the Adults. some dress up some don’t have too. For every day has been a trick or treat since the Election of 2016, and will continue right through to the midterm. Believe me, it will continue right till 2020 and beyond. The Witches and Monsters are trying to cast a spell on you. When all we need are people that still have a conscious that can cast a vote for good, not evil. Ms12 is real along with Antifa. I’m tired of everyone trying to sugar coat everything and make sure your brew is not spiked. Cast a Vote, not a spell, and the swamp thing will end. Karma is magic never believe it’s not so. Be careful bobbing for apples for the water’s are still murky.

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