Monopoly a Board Game?

Or is it a reality today?  We all rolled the dice at onetime. Some took chances and others went to the community chest.Some bought hotels and others bought houses while some lived and traveled by the railroads.We knew if we didn’t pass go we wouldn’t collect $200.00 dollars. We may even go to directly to jail.We had to pay utilities even a luxury tax. Sometimes the money didn’t go to the bank. We would put it the middle of the board.The first to land on Free parking could collect it.We were just kids giving handouts to how little or how much we put into the pot. Education is for learning maybe these games should be a lesson taught in school our parents did not.As kids we wanted to win at board games.We weren’t worried about our future,like go to The Head of the Class, Careers,and Risk. Just maybe these games should be taught in school and parents would be able to help their kids with homework.Because in Reality these are the Games Of Life.Not one found on some App. So you don’t have to be bothered with your child.Time is flying by people why? Most don’t wear a watch.