Choosing up Sides

Still a Childish game Today, We just don’t hear those words spoken Today. What we hear and see today are the Violence and bullying going on. Now in our day, it was stick’s and stone’s may break our bones, but names will never hurt me. Names seem to hurt today don’t they,  along with the sticks and stones think about it for a moment take a second. Now duck here is some more with choosing sides. My mother and your mother were hanging up clothes, my mother punched your mother right in the nose. What color blood came out? now pick a color. A few more one potato two potato three potato four. One two three shoot seems to be the answer today. So when choosing up sides as a child shows me no one has grown up. So I was Truly a Toys r Us kid my first full-time job. Now that I said that let me get my 2 cents in. Donald and Hillary went up the hill to fetch the presidency. Donald fell down you tried to break his crown, but Hillary is the one that came tumbling down. Well, so did Toys r Us and a place called Child’s World. Now grow up. If Toys r Us makes a comeback instead of two giraffes they should use a Donkey an Elephant. Just keep the theme song, because you will be singing it behind bars.

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