The Final Countdown

The time is changing, and changing fast. Americans are divided into two parties. The middle class was surviving for years. The times have changed people. Left or Right what will be left will be poor and rich. There was a time where hard work paid off. We now perform more for less and get taxed taxed taxed. To tell us that social security is not an entitlement. The right they say are capitalist holds true on the other side also, by contributors and lobbyist for both parties. Politics is the problem, not you and I. We lose if we don’t vote either way both have their agendas also. Most importantly we all need to stay strong and should be helping one another and stand as one America. Our friends are sometimes our enemy. Yet we vote for them at the state and local levels, do we not see the evil, God wants us to do good, and now we can’t honor him.No Pledge of Allegiance, no prayer, No Christmas only happy holidays. WTH, wake up open your eyes I thought I knew my neighbors and country. If we are only 4% of the world population, why worry about the other 96%. When 98% of us are forgotten about by the 2% that we work for one way or other. God bless America. Love it or Leave it.

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