Yes, I’ve been the Good Don and Bad Don. I have made friends and Enemies, for the decisions I made in life. I followed my own path, and put my faith in God. He forgave me and gave me a son. A life worth living again, and he sent me on a new journey, but not alone. The first year or two was not easy. Until I came upon the Ville a small town Village in Pa. Where I became a Politician, Coach, and Rotarian. Which opened my Eye’s and Heart. It’s true that it takes a Village to raise a Child. For the twenty years, I was there I hope I did my part. Because personally, it was well worth it. Especially to see the kids I coached that now have kids of their own that are playing for the Love of the Game and the history of the Ville, Christy Mathewson. P.S Go Lions, and Tigers, I’m now in the Bear Den oh my, but no place like home the Ville. Just don’t get caught in a twister. Forgive, Believe go an Achieve don’t deceive or you won’t receive.

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