Every Child is Born to Win

On and off the Field of Choice, to be the best they can be. It starts at home with manners and respect, parents and educators. On and off the Field. The Field is huge it takes a lot of coaches, mentors, and volunteers. I’m not just talking about sports, I’m talking about any extracurricular after school. Dance, music, art, self-defense, debate teams, robotics, cheerleading, etc, etc, I’m sure I left out many. But don’t leave out your children. This is where they begin to Win and learn to lose. Which builds self-confidence, and makes them stronger later on in life. So be instrumental they may not beat the drum well, but there are other instruments. Be a Sport they may not be the best pitcher, but they may be the best first baseman. Get the idea now, Don’t quit on them they deserve another chance. For winning don’t come easy, but it leads to success. When they talk about a child going without, we think food,  water, and clothing. This is true. No child should go without an activity or sport. But they do, so do your part. Eyes Blind one pair watching.