America under Seiged

We have been sabotaged before we even drank the kool-aid. By the Politicians, Social Media, and Technology. We are not seeing or thinking of what has happened over time. We are hearing and seeing what the powers to be want. Brainwashing us and dividing us. Technology and news dividing us. There has never been so much hate and evil on one side, and love and peace on the other. While the powers to be thought out of the box, the rest of us are getting winded-up like a Jack-in-a-box. While everyone is thinking about a revolution to kick some butt. There is a third party just waiting and laughing. A New World Order just laughing at us.Remember every heart beats true for the red, white, and blue and forever in peace may it wave. We are all a gift one that need not be opened, just our eyes. For our eyes have been blind, and only one pair watching. ( Gods ) So what happened? To The Ten Commandments, the pledge, prayer, freedom of speech, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I can go on and on like health care and social security. So God Bless our Grandchildren because if we don’t come together as Americans soon they will be asking them what Flavor Kool-Aid they would like, In twenty-five to thirty years. Sooner if they take away our guns. Plus 72% oppose overturning Roe vs Wade as of now. Time to come together and realize our Elected Officials must do the same. This is supposed to be the Home of the Free and the Brave. It all comes down to a Red Pill Or Blue,just don’t drink the water.


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