Dreams of Innocence

Listen, Learn, and Love them. Your Dreams the kids and grandkids. Flying, Falling and Dying the most common, any Flashbacks now? Some are Fears, yet they can be Good also, but how do you know when young and innocent. The Fears need to be conquered or understood mine just maybe they have, what about yours?

I was young 7 or 8 years old, recurring, and recurring, over and over again. Sometimes two nights in a row, then once a week, once a month, and eventually they were gone. Was my innocence also? Remember I’ve been a Coach, Politician, and still a Rotarian.

The Dream, A giant ball bigger than I coming right at me out on the street. Just as it is going to run me over I would awake. The more I had the Dream the faster I ran. The Dream became clearer and clearer each night. When it looked like a Giant pin cushion with color stick pins in it. A nightmare right? Well in the awake World today, I know now that I just had to pick it up and carry the weight of the WORLD on my shoulders. I tried, I made a Difference, and I’m slowing down. When I fall, draw your own conclusion. It becomes’s your nightmare now. Hopefully, someone will pick up and be an Inspiration. I feel Quilty because of time and age. I just hope it’s Someone young and Innocent that would complete my Dream of Peace. Besides, that would be a weight off my shoulder. We need more followers so I can pass it on. Everything¬† I have ever done has opened my eyes to the world especially Rotary International. Proud to be a Rotarian where my nightmare ended. So when you come to that bridge cross it, there are helping hands throughout the world. They are called Rotarians