Am I a Builder?

As a young child, I played with Lincoln Logs and Lego’s. Never got into construction, maybe destruction busted a few windows trying to be a pitcher. I never knew what a foundation was until I got older, always thought it was the carpet. Now it’s my stage and platform. Rotary has opened my eyes to the world. So as I retired it was time to write the Good Don Bad Don life lessons. The idea was to leave my family a story. Then I realized it was not just my story, But everyone. This is my new foundation of trying to self-publish. Another Lessoned learned. When the beams and support are in place. It will bring hope to others that may walk in my shoe’s. Never quit never give up, I was on that mission of self-demolition. Then I found a path to follow. Forgive, Belief then Achieve. Never Deceive if you expect to receive, For Eyes are Blind and only one pair watching, and Angels will catch you as you are falling

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