Life Lesson Anger

In the Game of Baseball, a Pitcher may or may not have intentionally hit a Batter. Anger will get both evicted if you charge the mound suspended, and fined. Control the anger and take your base, you may get to face that pitcher again later in the game. Control that anger and you may retaliate by getting the game-winning hit even a home run. Stay angry with the game on the line, and you may just Strikeout. Winning and losing can become contagious so control your anger. For losing can be eradicated. You can say the president and not an umpire. You would get tossed out of the game. Learn to play the game become a winner. You cant blame others for striking out control your anger. A good offense and defense win games on and off the field of play. Don’t blame others for your strikeouts. The next at-bat may be the game Winner. If you’re the Pitcher, there are very few perfect games tossed. It Takes Teamwork and Leadership to be a Winner.

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