I look in a mirror, and who do I see? It’s me No it can’t be. Yes, it is you old silver grey, haired man. Who is talking to me, It is me your Father.No way, yes I will show you the way. When you follow the cartway and ace this course. I will be waiting at the nineteenth hole, I will be drinking some wine. Now TEE TIME first hole I tee up I watch it fly right in the cup. Holy Crap, I hear the word exactly. Distance and how far you come Does not matter. Next 16 holes unbelievable. Now I’ve heard about his golf game, perfect rounds of Golf. I tee up at #18, Sixty-seven shots later in the cup. A score of 84 with a handicap that’s par for me. Exactly he says, now go out there and be an Ace Around the people you love and care about. I try, try harder he says. Once you have Aced life, give thanks and come back to this pathway, for one more round. Beware he say’s one more ace and you have 18. I will be waiting at the Nineteenth hole. The moral of my story is your never to young never too old to change and make a difference be an inspiration. Life is not perfect, and neither is golf. But you can build bridges with a helping hand. When you have found peace and love in yourself and others. A new Journey begins you have aced Life. I give thanks One more round of golf. One whole left to ace I hope its #18 and not one.

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