Winners and Losers

Yes, and there will always be in life and in sports. Be the best you can be, we try harder, is it really worth the trip. Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall. Did the big bad wolf blow him off? Wheres the Beef? You are in good hands with All-State. Once you are in them they don’t let you Go. Get the message now? Let’s go back and take the Pepsi Challenge. Read up that’s History. Mind Changers now and then.Commercials and social media. Everyone has been bought and Sold. We are more than just a commodity. It’s just how intelligent we are, and how we play the Game. We assume we consume some good days some bad days. It makes us feel good.But don’t make an ass of u and me. There are always pluses and minuses, but the division is multiplying. Thank you, Tv And Social media this, not an Advertisement its life

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