Well, Here we go now people complaining about the Heat, catching my Drift it could be Snow. The Long Days of Summer, the short Days of Winter. Well, we all know we have Four Seasons. We just don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. All you have to do is call, or turn on the Beach Boys. While you are Under the Boardwalk drinking and doing who knows what.I’m drinking my Coffee, and puffing away to Puff the Magic Dragon, and tonight I will play Beach Blanket Bingo or Twister hows that for a Weather Report. So enjoy your electrolytes, well I don’t know when I went for Electrolysis. I can’t remember, so I’m just pulling my hair out. So if it rains tomorrow, not on my Parade.If it snows you can shovel my –it too.

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