There is a joke about Jesus playing golf with his disciples but I can’t repeat it. Let’s just say he aced the course. With the utmost respect, some men and women want to know why we chase a little white ball on a Golf Course. Well, most golfers have played at the shores and mountains I have.Only a few aced only one hole. The design of a course is a thing of beauty. No matter where you play to take it all in and see Gods Creatures.Gators, Egrets, Heron, Bear, Deer, and Eagles. Let’s just hope a squirrel or that crazy groundhog will drop one in the Tin Cup. Now let it be said that all of us Golfers have followed in his Footsteps in the Sand. Where ever we played, we all have been stuck in a bunker or sand trap. So many have been there in life so pick up the rake you will never know whose footsteps you walked in before, and start all over. That’s why he gives us all a Mulligan don’t lie, cheat, or steal. Golfers and All have to pay for their Mulligan’s. You just have to put it in a Tin Cup or hope for par.