My Story

What began as something to leave my Family. I then realized it was my Life Lessons, not what I just went through but that other’s have also. It’s created the Flashback’s of our life’s from childhood to retiring. To never give up, to never quit. No matter how old or how young. At this stage of Life, I have fewer Dreams, but I still set goals. The book may not be picture perfect or pitching perfect because I throw a Curve or so-called Hook. It Is Self-published no editor, no Publisher no Agent just a create- space for cover. Just like my No-No Hitter. So My Success has been my Passion The Love of the game my field of Dreams past and present. Forgiving, giving, believing. My life has come full circle. Truth 3 blocks away 63 years later. I could never have imagined. Maybe because of my youth I was told not to Cross over the RR tracks. IMG_3199.jpg