Dreams- A Goal not a Destination

We all have Dream’s not so R.E.M.it takes Time, and Passion some will burn and some will earn.Like an A.C.L.The Goal was to play Professional Baseball.The REM was a large ball that could run me over it was a dark mass yet I could not see the Seams or the word Rawlings.It woke me every time over and over again.The dream changed now stickpins coming out from it even scarier than past Dreams. They had many different colors like the pushpins for a corkboard.I discovered late in life that I was supposed to give up on a Baseball career I had chased for so long. No backup plan I tear the  ACL.But someone was trying to tell me something, to Pickup that ball and not to run away.That mass was the World, and to carry the weight of the World on my shoulder’s. Today I know I made a difference and continue to try to inspire others still.Wish I knew at age 40, I may have been President. I feel so guilty maybe I could have changed the World.Sometimes you just have to cut down the Cherry Tree.Today I can see a Log Cabin in the woods.I can still Dream, who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.Build me a Foundation and I might just become President.For all the Dreamer’s forget about the past and show us what you can do for the Future.