Baby Boomers Beware

80 Million of Us, as of 2017.Born between 1946-1962.Making the oldest of us 71 years of age this year, and the youngest of us 55 this year.Beginning our Senior years.Yes all of us considered Senior Citizens.The problem is we don’t have a Voice, and when you see the number’s this is outrageous.When many Representatives of the House and Senate are our ages, Seniors, and Boomers.So what got me started was that I turned off all Political views on Facebook, Then I read an article that appeared in a newspaper.The Article stated that two Elderly People passed away.Like what is elderly they were 74&71 years young. If you’re a Baby Boomer you are a proud Senior and those older from the Silent Generation.If this is the respect we get from the younger generations, they have a problem and need some discipline.But they will inherit the same problems as of today because in 30 years those numbers double.Yes, we may be more advanced in years, but we are smarter and stronger than you can imagine.Plus many Veterans in our age bracket.If your parents have not taught you Respect and Discipline go back to school or Enlist in one of the Branches of Service.If you want to call us Elderly we will call you children until you’re Elderly because you need to grow up to be called an Adult.I guess the newspaper is next to avoid a confrontation, but I’m still here if you want a beating our numbers only make us stronger and wiser.Unless we are forced to drink the kool-aid.