The Good Don -Bad Don

Let’s see if I can leave this month on a good note.When it comes to your children, and they enjoy sports. Let them play many because the odds of playing one professionally is very very high.Now I am a dad who loves baseball.My son tried many by fourth grade he chose Baseball and Basketball.By eighth grade, they looked very promising. Sure dad is happy and proud and then his Freshman year Practicing basketball with the varsity team he fracture’s his hip.A downer for father and son.If you notice I put father first, not to give the story away, but he never played basketball or baseball again at the high school level.The moral of this chapter is never Quit on your children.Because he made me very proud playing 3 years of varsity in another sport, and 4 years of another sport on varsity.Which turned out just as rewarding for him his teammates and I see I put myself last. See a child’s success is up to them.They don’t need to be harped on.But put the school work first because if a serious incident happens in high school or college sports you will have something to fall back on.So create new Dreams if something happens to the First.

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