Senior moment-We have all gone through the ups and downs, and personal struggles.We are all not war heroes but show the scars of our battles.Yet we have reached an age where we have survived.Lessons that we learned and many remain unsolved.Now the tide has turned, a time of troubled waters.At our stage, we won’t drown because we will be six feet underground. We as baby boomers need to stand and rise.We cant say screw it because we are all going to die.We should be trying to leave our future generations to a better world.We need to stand tall build a wall or dam so that their tears and dreams, don’t get washed downstream Seventy percent of the working people think they have a clue but don’t.Guess what neither did we till we retired. Time to rise, people, not sleep in, life is passing on by. Make every moment special because We are the People. We are the Forgotten, let’s see what they release on J.F.K. Most likely nothing we already don’t Know.But I see more tears in our youth when it is released. Because Government and education have failed us.

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