Don’t Hide One Must Seek

One must continue to dig deep to find a Treasure.People remain lost while others are found.Not to China or the Oceans floor.Eventually, you will have to come up for air.Open your door open your heart, for everyone’s heart gets broken. You’re not the alone one, and we can’t always get what we want.You will have to dig deep and choose the right key to mend a broken heart, you need to know someone is watching day, night, and morning.So forgive and believe someone will pick you up and dust you off, and dry your teardrops away.Find the right key and open a door to love.How on else are you going to shine and sparkle like a diamond that you deserve to be?Then throw away the key so others can be found.So they can continue to dig and find the drive to open a door for others.Remember don’t hide you must seek for you don’t know who is watching.Your success is your only self-measurement.when you do for other’s it will create m.emories that you will Treasure for a Lifetime.It’s not your riches it is who you enrich.So what is lost can be found a mentor a coach or even a friend or neighbor.Maybe even a new spouse so open your door and Treasure your Life.Remember one must dig and if it comes up worms, one may fly like a bird and let it be an Eagle.So like a bird in hand its a Treasure so spread your wings.

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