Yankee Division Champs

  If you believe, people will come together as they did on Tuesday night.There is a Good Omen or two that came away with this Victory for the team, fans, and friends.         For the first time in two years, a country coming together no matter their Political affiliation and it did not cost a dime.But still, those rooting for Cleveland and the others for the New York Yankees for the Divisional Championship still division hehe.But to come together we need to show good Sportsmanship.                    In two years I have unfriended maybe two people while many others unfriended me.Well, Tuesday night friends attended games while others went to Bars, and us old people stayed home lol to watch History.So C.C. starts the game and he is looking really good and people start posting and texting rooting for the Yankees.I guess I have no Cleveland friends, but I have Boston fans and Washington fans.After Didi hits the two homers Facebook becomes more active.

Well, then  I’m a D.D. also and texting a friend and commenting that we hope C.C. can go six or seven innings.This friend has the initials R.R.See all good things come in threes also.Just like the Yankees did by taking three in a row. Well D.D.and R.R. have different beliefs but we came together when it comes to sports.       Now here is when I realized the Yankees were going to win D.D.R.R. looks like DR.DR.Who comes into the game David Robertson gets Cleveland to hit into double play its early but game over.See his initials are D.R. good things come in three let’s nickname him the Doctor for now on. Houston you have a Problem.See now I have to believe it’s the Yankee’s and Dodgers in the World Series hoping its a good omen.Why because D.D. and R.R. played Little League on the Dodgers, and still remain friend’s no matter our Political Correctness but you should still root, root for the home time.Or maybe  I’m just nuts and belong in a box of Cracker Jacks, but I try to sugar coat everything. I really am a politician or was I the Good Don Bad Don.Go Yankees!!! So go Grab some pine tar and hold onto your seats. For everyone is in this for the long haul. Just never step on the foul lines between candidates or innings  because it is a jinx


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