83 Today A Senior, Wait a minute.Two of her Children are Seniors. Some are lucky to still be here. Meaning parents and their Children.But I want all to stop and Think.We all make a difference but we as Seniors remain Silent.We need to learn to hear the Stories of our Granparents and Mom And Dads,and pass this on to younger Generations. It’s a Vital part of America before it becomes to late. Two lessons today one from Mom one from Dad. First Dad passed just before I turned 30. I Love Ball so he told me brush them back.Your in Charge from the age of 9- 19.I broke one arm that I’m aware of and he squared away to bunt so I gave him A hit by pitch.Second one from Mom: What will be will be:my lesson it’s up to god.Some of us will take risks it’s the only way you achieve.You learn from the Failures and it makes you stronger just remember it’s not the wealth you gain it’s the Riches you share.We can’t remain silent we have a vioce.It should be heard before we depart. I call it Save America.Seniors are Very Empowering

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