Masters of the Universe

The Good Don Bad Don

I am sorry to say we are being played like a Cartoon, While we are watching the Circus.Did we not learn anything as we grew up playing board games such as Risk, Monopoly, Careers, and go to the Head of the Class.The game of Life was a path we all have chosen.With Chutes and Ladders, It just isn’t Candyland anymore.So wake up and have your Coffee because Dunkin Donuts is worth the Trip.If not Maxwell House its good to the last drop or until we drop.So chew on that and Double your Pleasure.Maybe we just need a King, because he says to have it your way Special orders don’t upset us.I have so much to say, and I am not throwing Stones, But we need results and some SATISFACTION, maybe I have Too much time on my Hands or am I a Renegade now I’m throwing Styx.Can I be President?

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