Politics How it’s Played Day 3

It’s no Longer played with Structure, everything is supposed to be bigger and better right? Well, it all began with our Ancestors and the Industrial Revolution.Our Cities were not built on Rock n Roll.It was built on the hard work of We the People and are ancestors.Today there is no structure, our Infrastructures basically destroyed by the Politicians of Today.They come in all colors, races, and Nationalities.They now call them Sanctuary cities today their safe place, not so Safe.Guns, Drugs, Gang’s, and Corruption.I call that oppressed, just the wrong Leaders today looking for a different Revolution.Find some Structure and fix the Infrastructure. Let us All have our Independence.Just to end let there be Peace. By the way, the straight ticket vote just doesn’t work. Look at Michigan, Texas, Alabama, and Pa.I left out 5 States where a change in Government is needed.You blame Capitalism when it’s your Elected Officials.When Corporations want to come and Invest in you.In turn, those Officials say no, but then offer them a Tax Break. Guess what you get paid less, and within a few years they disappear or file Chapter 11- A double-edged sword

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