Best of the Best

The Best, there is always someone looking to knock you off.World Series Champion’s, Super Bowl Victors, and Stanley Cup Winners. I guess competition is Great when it comes to SportsWinning traditions begin with a farm system of future MVPs.Now our Country is no longer # 1.Why the Rest of the West got tired of hearing how Great we are. So they Infiltrated not just inside our borders, but inside our Cities, States, and the Halls of the White House.Why, no Farm System, and no term limits. Look the Chicago Cubs won a World Series it made Baseball great again, Term Limits may just make America Great Again also. It’s getting close to 25% of the House and Senate have served 20 years or More. I don’t even want to begin with their compensation. Yet I read 45% of the ballplayers don’t get past seven years.At the 10 yr mark, they receive $ 100,000 annually after retirement.We as workers are compensated at 62 and up with Social Security. The average being $1,200 a month.The American people are supposed to be the Best of The Best I wonder why seats are emptying and Tv’s turned off.Because the best is now becoming the Least.We need Justice and Liberty for all. You have just about eliminated the middle class.Athletes you’re next then Wal-Mart, support Mom and Pop stores.The Best of The Best need to be tested because their farm system has caused unrest.I don’t need material things, I’m just being  Status Quo.

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