It does not matter how many possessions you have.You have them because of the battles that took place in life or on the field of battle.By those that sacrificed their bodies on the field or in the trenches.At war or on the playing field.For family, friends, teammates, and fans.Like a football game, you try killing the clock.by possessing the ball longer than your opponents. Bad time management and leaving 10 seconds on the clock, can defeat you with one last pitch or a Hail Mary, and defeat you.One touchdown, one home run, one pitch can make the difference.You become the MVP, but you don’t get to the Hall of Fame.                   But you made the difference to family teammates, friends, and fans.So when time runs out and it will, your name will be etched in stone.If not ashes to ashes dust to dust spread them over a field. In ending you can’t take your possessions with you.So if you can’t make a difference be the difference.You just need to Contribute on or off the field too, create great memories, because you made a difference. Be someones MVP.

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