The Good Don Bad Don

Life is a battlefield this is not a game, but two sides.One of Intellect, the other devotion to finding a path to the heart.Like a chess board light, and darkness.It represents the Universe of God, four sides or elements. Those elements are earth, water, fire, and( air)Yes it can be wind or oxygen we breathe.Now stop and think what is happening right now.                                      Climate control is in God’s hands Texas, Flordia, and the fires etc. etc.Now Noah built an ark 40 days 40 nights so all living things would die.One hundred and fifty days the water lasted.Well by then winter will be amongst all in the north.This winter is supposed to be cruel with snowfall amounts.So when it thaws the north will flood.There has to be a season when we all come together.Because God is tired of all the greed, and hate.                 Now, do you Believe?                                     I’m just trying to fuel the spark toward mankind. God Bless the USA. Prayers to all.