Dreams Come True

Pieces of the Puzzle – All My Dreams came and went, not knowing they were heaven sent. For I was Young and innocent, never knowing what they Meant.They came to me in Black and White, a little gray and fuzzy.Just like our old T.V. sets.Now that I am older, I can look over my shoulder.But I won’t look back, for today it’s all in Living Color. So I put 2+2 together no not Math, by following a Path.I lived my Dreams so it seems.It now all makes sense, not to leave you in suspense, I will begin to tell you in Past, and Present Tense. then leave the Future to you, It may get Intense.                                                            Dream on, My Dream, out on streets where children play hide and seek, and sometimes tag your it.Well, I’m no Superman never the fastest, but I out lasted.I opened my wings, and  I could fly like an Angel, and hear the birds sing.No higher than above the telephone wires, they hollered get down here but I did not follow.I did climb higher and faster then I desired, even after they got out of college.Like a Comet I burnt out before my feet touch down in the Real World                                                                                                                      Don’t Fear, Dream two is here, it’s a real nightmare don’t be scared I became a Rotarian who Cares.Basketball, baseball I love the game, thought I would make it to the Hall of Fame.A huge dark ball chasing me I run away and jump out of the way and close my eyes and hope it doesn’t  run over me and wake up.Each night it gets closer and closer.Finally, I see pins of all colors sticking out, and eyes looking at me filled with tears of sadness.It was a giant pin cushion. Ha ha Not Funny.                                                                                         Later on in life, you realize to pick it up and carry the weight of the World on your shoulders. I now look up every day, and in the mirror to see his reflection and direction he sends me.But, I no longer look young just getting older.So someday will you open your arms so I can pass it on, and you can look over your shoulder and see who follows? Look up spread your wings, your Dreams are Reachable, you just don’t know it, .because you’re not young and innocent’.                                                                                                       But with God’s Glue, Birds of a feather will stick together. We just need more Super Men and no more Nightmares.

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